Helping families use tech with intention, so that kids grow up captivated by life, not screens.

Technology isn’t a bad thing. It saves us time, allows us to keep in touch, and even simplifies our lives. But when studies tell us that the average smartphone user checks their phone every 4.3 waking minutes, or that the U.S. teen suicide rate has risen with the surge of social media, we have to wonder if we—and our kids—are using technology to our benefit. At START, it is our passion to help parents navigate a changing tech landscape with a roadmap in hand. And it is our privilege to watch families flourish as they reconnect along the way.

We do this by:

  • Equipping parents to raise tech-healthy kids

  • Creating awareness across community sectors about healthy tech use

  • Partnering with schools to promote healthy tech use in learning environments

Our goal is to establish a new norm in Kansas City of families who stand together and rethink technology - developing healthy habits, values and training for tech use.

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Brenda's practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist has given her many opportunities to help folks explore their relationships with technology--and each other. Raised by Kansas educators who invested over 70 years in SMSD, she is passionate about helping the next generation learn how to live a life of connection and courage.

"I am passionate about seeing people live into the relationships they love with authenticity, hope and intention. I see the power of our time and attention creating deeper intimacy, safety and trust. I see START as an important movement that brings people together to unify by creating healthy norms with this ever changing world of screens and technology. 

Nothing can replace the human connection and we can not do this in isolation. This is why I am so committed to Stand Together and Rethink Technology."