How do I know individual therapy is right for me?

Individual therapy is for the person who is experiencing life transitions or emotions that feel too big to handle on your own.  These transitions can include anything from starting over, getting married or divorced, walking through loss of a loved one, or beginning a new season of life. In these life transitions, many strong and hard emotions come to the surface.  It is my desire to sit with you in this time.  Together we will explore your core values and beliefs, we will examine the places you feel stuck, and create goals to move forward with freedom


What can I expect my experience to be like?

In our first session, you and I will be getting to know each other. I will ask you questions about what brings you to therapy, what your hopes and dreams are, and what’s hard for you right now. After a few sessions, we will set goals for you and we will work towards those goals in each session. It is very common for individuals to not know what their goals are – they just know they don’t want to remain where they are or how they are! I can help you untangle what it is you don't want and point you towards what freedom can look like.


What if there are things I don't want to talk about?

Therapy is often about regaining a sense of choice that has been lost or taken from you. I promise I will not make you talk about anything that you do not wish to talk about. You and I can explore the thoughts and feelings you have about these things, what’s scary or hard about discussing them, and then you will be the one who decides what we talk about.